On the subject of hobbies I claim to have but don’t do – Yoga. Wednesday evening I went to yoga for the first time in months. I think the last time I had been to yoga I had done a ‘mark your map’ alignment workshop. Yeah. Then never used it (to be fair the sharpie marks on my mat are rendered useless by the hot yoga towel, but I digress).

I started doing yoga with my Mom the summer before I started high school to get me back in shape before I joined the swim team (I’d swam club for years in Elementary school but stopped during middle school – for a break, to do Drama Club after school, and because I was afraid of tampons). It was gentle yoga and aside from me, my Mom and the teacher were the youngest people in the room by a solid bit. So, yeah, not really gunna whip me into shape, but I loved it and continued to join my Mom in class every summer.

I fell out of practice, for the most part in college. Occasionally we’d do yoga during the off-season of Rowing but rarely- Coach wanted it more high intensity than I think yoga is meant to be (how can anything improve you if you’re not in the heart rate zone?!) I wasn’t about to work out on top of the 30+ hours a week I was already pulling as a DI student athlete.

Now I’m in graduate school and I’ve tried to return to my mat. I’ve found a yoga class I like – one that’s challenging rather than just ‘touch your toes’ and at least most instructors haven’t been too hippie-dippy chakra balancing, crystal healing types. They’ve been clear, corrected my poses as necessary, and overall didn’t talk unnecessarily (I wanna work out when I workout, not have someone read my horoscope). It’s just that I don’t go a lot.

Part of my problem, I think, is that before this week I was limiting myself to one type of class at one time. Community classes are only $7 which is great for a broke-ass bitch like me but are only offered at certain times. The options being in the evening or at noon. The evening practice is 80 minutes. 80 minutes of hot yoga is intense. I’d be totally wrung out, sometimes dizzy, or I’d get a headache after that’d lay me out the rest of the night. On top of how long the class is the studio is on the other side of town from my apartment, so to get there in good time I’d have to leave my house a half hour before practice started. Then it’d be equal time back, plus taking shower – 30 minutes travel + 80 minutes work + 30 minutes travel + a 10 minute shower = 2.5 hours. So Yoga was often the first thing I stopped doing when I felt overwhelmed for time.

This week I went to a regular (not community) 60 minute class. It was a bit expensive ($15) but it was also satisfying, and at a time that fit into my schedule. It also was less of an overall time commitment, a half hour shorter in the studio and I didn’t have a headache making me useless the rest of the night.

One of my 2019 goals is to get more committed to my yoga practice, that is to say, actually go to yoga more than once in a blue moon. Ideally I’d like to even get good at it. I’d also just settle for figuring out what the hell my body is supposed to be doing during the third flow sequence. More realistically I bet I’ll just get the hang of doing hot yoga at the studio in Columbia right before I move to Charlottesville with Armin…

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